Select areas of good tourist foot-fall (turnout).

Map Geoheritage within the viscinity.

Geology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Bio-diversity (environmental aspects) and Culture.

Plan Geoheritage tourist circuits by bus/boat/trek.

Geoguides (employmet potential): Identify local unemployed kids suitable; Train them


Make a good write-up and print colourful pamphlets. Distribute Pmphlets well before your event.

Design Souvenirs: Ex Handkerchiefs, pamphlets, frames and keychains.

Starting date: Choose a tourist week/festival. Give publicity to all educational institutes.

Opening: Contact local Minister / Tourism Department/ MP, MLA for a grand Opening (Flagging off), of Geopark.

Offers: Give rebates to students. Prizes to write-ups / Speech by students. Develop a sense of Heritage.. Geoheritage. Educate on ways for a responsible tourism.